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Textbook for ELEC 250 and 260
Textbook : Intoductory Circuit Analysis 12/Edition
Author: Robert Boylestad
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN# 0-13-173044-4

Laboratory Manual for ELEC 250 and 260
Laboratory Manual : Experiment in Circuit Analysis

Author : Robert Boylestad
Publisher : Prentice Hall
ISBN# 0-13-2196158

Student may purchase Textbooks and Laboratory manuals from the publisher or other internet sources. The textbook and laboratory manual for ELEC250 is also use for ELEC260 course.

Textbook for ELEC 245
Textbook : Basic Technical Mathematics 9/e
Author : Allyn J. Washington
Publisher : Prentice Hall
ISBN# 10:0138142254

Student with no industry experience will need to purchase Oscilloscope, Function Generator, DMM and Power Supply to gain hands-on experience in AC circuits/Electronics. Information for laboratory equipment is provided in the equipment folder.

Textbook for ELEC 290
Textbook : Data Communications & Computer Networks 
Author : Curt M. White
Publisher :Thomson Course Technology

Textbook for ELEC 270
Textbook : Introductory Electronic Devices and Circuits 
Auther : Robert Paynter
Publisher : Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0-13-171641-7

 ITEM #5

Telecommunications, 4/E
by: Warren Hioki

ISBN-10: 013020031X
ISBN-13:  9780130200310

Publisher:  Prentice Hall
Copyright:  2001
Format:  Paper; 664 pp
Published:  08/25/2000

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Table of Contents                    
 1. Introduction to Telecommunications.
 2. Noise.
 3. Amplitude Modulation.
 4. Frequency Modulation.
 5. Pulse Modulation and Encoding Techniques.
 6. Transmission Codes.
 7. Terminals.
 8. Serial Interfaces.
 9. The UART.
10. The UART Interface.
11. The Telephone Set and Subscriber Loop Interface.
12. The Telephone Network.
13. Modems.
14. Synchronous Protocols.
15. Local Area Networks.
16. The Internet and Emerging Technologies.
17. Error Detection, Correction, and Control.
18. Fiber Optics.
19. Wireless Communications. 

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