ELEC 220  Electrical Circuits (DC/AC) Analysis

ELEC 220

Electrical Circuits (DC/AC) Analysis

This is a special course designed for all students in Electrical, Electronics, and Telecommunications Technology programs at the community college polytechnic, and university level who need extra help to build the skills and foundation needed in basic electrical circuit analysis to be successful in upper level electrical courses. The comprehensive nature of this course makes it perfect for workshop training for technicians who are looking into improving their skills. Topics covered include: Measuring instruments, using wire tables
and determining conductor sizes, series-parallel resistive circuits, superposition, Kirchhoff’s law, Thevenin’s, Norton’s, current and voltage source conversion. inductive/capacitive in AC circuits, filters, three phase circuits, single phase transformers, three phase transformers, dc generators, dc motors, and ac machines. Note: All students should have college algebra with trigonometry as prerequisite for this course or instructors permission.


 Blassys International University Library in Accra will start offering this course in the evenings/weekends. For industries who are interested in training a group of technicians, BIU is willing to offer this course at your facility. This course is also offered at our library in Accra. Please contact Mr. Andy Williams (20-300-5284) for more information on course schedule and registration. 


Engineering Ethics

ENGS 208

This course is designed for all engineering and engineering technology students to be aware of professional ethics in engineering that involves rules, standards, and body of philosophy indicating the ways that engineers, technologist, and technicians should conduct themselves in their professional capacity. Topics covered in this course include : Professionalism and codes of ethics, understanding ethical problems, ethical problems solving techniques, risk, safety, and accidents, the rights and responsibilities of engineers, ethical issues in engineering practice, engineers in organizations, engineers and the environment, international engineering professionalism, codes of ethics of professional engineering societies, and cases.


This course is offered both face-to-face and online. Our experience instructors are willing to present this course in a form of workshop to your engineers, technologists and technicians at your company site upon request. The course is offered in evenings and weekends at BIU library in Accra. For more information, contact Andy Williams at (20-300-5284). 

Electrical Power Testing and Maintenance
ELEC 333

This course is designed for Electrical Maintenance Technicians, and it covers topics such as capacitors and their applications in power systems, transformers in power applications, three-phase induction motors, synchronous motors, operational problems of three-phase motors, synchronous generators and problems, direct current motors, commutator, slip-ring and brush maintenance. troubleshooting and emergency repairs of dc machines, operation and maintenance of motor controllers, insulation resistance and measurements, cleaning, drying, storing, and refurbishing electrical machines and transformers, bonding, grounding, earthing, and ground-fault protection of distribution systems, protection against sustained overloads and short circuits, and cost-benefit relationship of preventive Maintenance. This course is offered at BIU library in Accra, and students should contact Andrews Williams for scheduling and registration at 20-300-5284. 


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