B.S. Degree in EET 
Online Program for Technicians
and Mature Students.


                    B.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology

      The bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering Technology degree (B.S.) program  provides new opportunities for technicians to complete the program completely online from the United States. Official transcript is required for transfer courses from other institutions for credit to be awarded. All students are required to purchase laboratory equipment (Digital Scope, Function Generator, Power Supply,
and Digital Multi-meter). These equipment can be purchased for a total not exceeding $1200. All students must have completed Associate Degree, or equivalent qualification in Electrical Engineering related program to be considered for admission into the B.S. program.
For more information, contact BIU admission office : Admissions@blassysuniversity.org

 Dr. Frempong -Tel: 828-298-6182/ 828-275-7184/828-275-8704

Please click on the link below to see the (B.S.) curriculum.


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