The BIU consulting 
department is equipped with 
experience professionals, and
ready for business.
Blassys International University (BIU) Consulting Department 

Our consulting department has highly qualified professional in education, business and engineering to undertake projects in the following areas:

(1) New Degree Program Development
(2) Course Development
(3) Program Review and Evaluation
(4)Educational  Research Activities
(5) Engineering &Technology and Business Research Activities:

-Electrical Engineering & Technology
Image Processing, Electronics, Telecommunications, and Power
-Civil Engineering/Technology
-Software Engineering
-Engineering Management
-Accounting (CPA)
- Engineering Ethics

Contact us if you have a project in one of these areas, and we will be glad to speak with you.
contact our chief consultant: Dr. S. Frempong, P. Eng(UK), MSPE
at: 828-275-7184 
or contact: Dr. Sandra Frempong
Tel: 828-298-6182
or 828-275-8704



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