Faculty Summer International Opportunities- Contact us today 
to discuss about BIU faculty summer project. We are ready to come to your campus.

At Blassys International University we have faculty with many years of experience teaching, developing courses and programs, and program review & assessment. Our faculty members are ready and willing to come to your campus either local or international locations during the summer period (May to August) to work with your institution. 

We have faculty for the following areas:

(1) Electrical Engineering/Technology Courses
(2) Civil Engineering/Technology Courses
(3) Engineering/Technology Management, Telecommunications
(4) Software Development
(5) Business (Accounting) Courses
(6)  New Program Development
(7) Course Development
(8) Program Review and Assessment
(9) Engineering Ethics

 If your institution is interested in working with BIU on these great summer opportunities, contact Dr. Frempong (consultant)
at 828-275-7184  or   828-275-8704

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