SUMMER ACADEMY- Face -to-face program for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students.


 To Introduce Students to Electrical Engineering Technology Courses to High School and Middle School Students During the Summer (June and July)

  Middle School (Mathematics & Basic Electricity) --5 Weeks at 4 hours per day  
  (Mon - Friday). Including hands-on activities ( 8am to 12: noon)

  High School (Electrical Circuits & Electronics) -- 5 Weeks at 4 hours 
  per day (Mon - Friday). Including hands-on activities ( 8am to 12: noon)

Elementary School (Basic Mathematics & Electricity) -- 5 Weeks at 4 hours
  per day (Monday - Friday). Including hands-on activities (8am to 12 noon)
  Location: Asheville, NC 28805

 for information call Blassys International University

 at 828-275-7184, 828-275-8704 or email:

     5-weeks 100 hours summer school.
     Classes are taught by experience   
    Teachers and Technical Professionals
     Total Cost $500.00 



 Kennedy Space Center -Florida
 Educational Field Trip -2011

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