Blassys International University Vision

 1. Blassys International University offers traditional distance and  
     online programs to all students around the world regardless of  
     technology availability. 

 2.  Blassys International University plans to have summer face-to-face 
       classes around the world  with our students as reinforcement to online  
       and traditional distance programs.

 3. Blassys International University will involve many professors around the 

 4. Blassys International University plans to gain professional, national and 
     international recognitions.
 5. Blassys International University plans to provide quality education to 
     those who are ready for it.
 6. Blassys International University plans to expand degree offerings, and   
     establish collaboration agreements with other institutions.

      For more information contact : 828-275-7184 / 828-275-8704/828-298-6182
       or email: 
     Address:  123 Willow Oak Drive, Asheville, NC 28805



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